CEAR-Euskadi offers services that help us fulfil our organisation’s mission to defend and promote the human rights and integral development of refugees, displaced people and migrants in need of international protection and/or in situations of social exclusion.

These are the services we offer at CEAR-Euskadi:

Reception of Refugees
To aid them in seeking asylum

Legal Assistance
For refugees, migrants and stateless people

Psychological Care
To help people recover from harm they have suffered

Social Assistance
To help them rebuild their lives

Professional Training and Guidance
A fundamental part of social integration

Defending Human Rights
We defend the Right to Asylum

Speaking Out Against Forced Displacements
As a violation of economic, social, cultural and environmental rights

Speaking Out Against Gender-related Persecution
We are leading the way on this front

Protecting Those Who Defend
Human rights throughout the world

Engaging Society
To encourage people to take an active role in transforming society

Research on Refugees and Migration
Analysing reality with scientific studies

Intercultural Understanding
Based on tolerance and equality for all